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Perrys Fibre Energy

An all new roughage based energy feed, better suited to the horses digestive processes, helping to avoid issues relating to grain heavy diets.

High Energy Roughage

FIBRE ENERGY is roughage based, but contains significantly higher digestible energy levels than pasture or hay, and is in fact higher in measurable energy levels (13mg DE/kg) than oats (12.5mj DE/kg) and barley (12.8mg DE/kg). 

How can Roughage contain high energy levels?

Perrys Fibre Energy contains energy in the form of:
- Soluble Sugars – Absorbed in the small intestine for immediate use and storage. Present in Vetch, Oaten Chaff, Molasses and Steam Rolled Oats
- Oil/Fats – A concentrated energy source which can be utilized in aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Omega 3 and Omega 6 oil is particularly important as it can’t be synthesized by the horse.
- Fibre – Slow fermentation of fibrous feed creates a continuous source energy through the production of Volatile Fatty Acids. Vetch, Oaten Chaff and Steam Rolled Oats contains high levels.

What is Vetch Hay?

Vetch is a legume, similar to Lucerne, but with higher protein and energy levels and is very palatable.

Perrys Fibre Energy

Grain Diet Difficulties?

Pasture and fibrous materials traditionally do not have high energy levels. Therefore, horses in work require extra energy which pasture and hay usually do not provide. Feeding of concentrates can make up this shortfall. However, the practice of feeding concentrate diets high in energy in less and shorter meals can lead to complications in the hindgut, and diseases such as acidosis, laminitis, colic and stomach ulcers. 

Horses Natural Instincts

A free-range horse can spend up to 16 to 18 hours a day searching for and selecting feed to meet its requirements.Their continuous feeding ensures that horses maintain a full stomach, and continuous buffering from saliva helps to protect the stomach from acid injuries.


FIBRE ENERGY is formulated to replace grain rich mixed feeds to reduce the grain load in your horses diet. Fibre Energy contains a balance of vitamins and minerals, allowing you to substitute it for most grain mixes. Please check the vitamin and mineral levels of your ration to ensure that the horses is receiving the nutrients it requires.

Any new product should be introduced into a horse’s diet gradually over a period of 1-2 weeks. Please take note of the vitamin and mineral levels in FIBRE ENERGY before adding extra supplements or combining with other enriched feeds. Take into account your horse’s condition, age, workload, breed and climate conditions when feeding your horse.


PERRYS source only the highest quality ingredients for their feeds. Natural ingredients have excellent nutrient value before processing, which is why we prefer to use mainly natural ingredients. FIBRE ENERGY contains high non-structural carbohydrate,oil and fibre ingredients, all of which are utilized by the horse for energy. PERRYS FIBRE ENERGY contains Vetch Chaff, Oaten Chaff, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Oil, Molasses, Sunflower Seeds, Vitamins and MInerals.

Energy (Mj/kg)13Magnesium  (mg)2.2Vitamin A (iu)6200
Protein9%Sodium  (g)6.3Vitamin D (iu)760
Fat11%Selenium (mg)0.3Vitamin E (iu)210
Fibre25%Iron (mg)210Vitamin B3 (mg)25
Lysine (g)3.9Manganese (mg)100Vitamin B5 (mg)9.3
Calcium (g)5.5Biotin (mg)2.3Vitamin B2 (mg)5.9
Phosphorous (g)1.0Zinc (mg)85Vitamin B12 (mg)0.1
Potassium (g)13Iodine (mg)1.3Vitamin B6 (mg)3.1
Copper (mg)30Sulfur (mg)1.5Vitamin C (mg)250


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