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Welcome to Perrys Stockfeeds and Saddlery

Perrys Stockfeeds and Saddlery have been manufacturing equine feeds for over 75 years. We have an intimate knowledge of the requirements of horses in all stages of development and work levels, and are constantly monitoring new technology and research to ensure that the best ingredients are incorporated into our feeds.

Our Focus - Quality Roughage Feeds

At Perrys Stockfeeds & Saddlery our focus is on providing a feed range which is most suited to the horses evolutionary development as a constantly grazing herbivore. This is why high quality roughage products are used in all or our feeds, which suits the behavioural and physiological development of an animal which can graze for up to 20 hours a day. This promotes slower ingestion speeds, increasing the access of digestive enzymes within the horses gastrointestinal tract and improving absorption of essential nutrients from the feed.

Perrys Stockfeed and Saddlery is a retail, wholesale, manufacturing and agricultural company in Kyneton, Victoria. It was established in 1937 by Richard Stanley Perry, who purchased a steam engine and W-Class chaff cutter and travelled to farms in the Kyneton area to cut their chaff.

Our retail store in Kyneton has a complete range of equine products, including saddles, saddlery gear, vitamin and mineral supplies, and all the food and stable requirements. We also have a large range of feed and related products for dogs, cats, poultry and other farm animals.

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